Our History

Our History

Bhammar Group

Bhammar Group International is a subsidiary of Bhammar Group. The Bhammar Group was founded in 2009 and is based in Talaja, Gujarat, India. It was founded by Mr. Rajubhai Bhammar and Mr. Masaribhai Vaja with the aim of establishing a business in the domestic market. Who is in the diversified businesses of Agricultural Commodities, Dehydration & Processing of Vegetables, Agricultural Pesticides, Insecticides, Gems and Jewellery Manufacturing, Hardware & Home Sanitary Ware. First enters the agricultural market and the foundation of the first company is called Ankur Agro Agency in Talaja. After 6 years, Bhammar Group enters the Gems and Jewellery segment and founds a new company, Bhagirath Gold Co. We are manufacturers and wholesalers of gold and silver jewellery. After 6 years we entered the Hardware & Home Sanitary Ware market and founded the new company Saarthi Hardware. Now we are expanding our business around the world to create a new company called BHAMMAR GROUP INTERNATIONAL

Bhammar Group International

The company was founded by two young brothers, Mr. SUNIL BHAMMAR and Mr. HIMANSHU BHAMMAR, with the aim of expanding their business around the world. We also work as an import and export sourcing agent in India. If you are looking for a product from India, we can provide you with the best quality product. The founders of the company are mainly agricultural. Their ancestors have been associated with agriculture and have extensive knowledge of agriculture, gems and jewellery, and hardware. Our team at BGI is made up of highly qualified people with wide and varied experience in their respective fields. We firmly believe in providing the highest level of satisfaction to our valued customers and therefore offering them the best products at the best possible prices.

Bhammar Group International is one of the leading export companies based in Talaja, Gujarat, India. Bhammar Group International is also a registered member of FSSAI, FIEO (Federation of Export Organizations of India), APEDA, Spice Board of India and holds a valid Foreign Trade Export Certificate of India and we are certified by the Government of India and approved to operate throughout the world. Currently, the company offers products such as Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Mango, Organic Fertilizer, Wall Putty (Skim Coat), and Copper Bottle in many countries around the world.

Merchant Exporter: We are more than just an Exporter

Bhammar Group International has developed our business model to act more effectively as a more responsible business entity. We are working with our qualified business associates to overcome the limitation of individual manufacturers or suppliers by all means. We at Bhammar Group International is in the position to provide the most economic solution to various needs of dehydrated onion and dehydrated garlic and other product like mango, organic fertilizer, wall putty (skim coat), and copper bottle. To protect the interest of our customers, we have an agreement with our business associate who makes the business activities more transparent and reliable. With its sound network of partners, business associates, qualified suppliers Bhammar Group International has developed a reliable and effective production and distribution system.

Bhammar Group International continues to develop its activity across domestic as well as international markets, offering to its customers, strong responsiveness, quality support in the Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Mango, Organic Fertilizer, Wall Putty (Skim Coat), and Copper Bottle. Bhammar Group International is strategically located at Talaja in the state of Gujarat, the Western part of India.

In the 200 km surrounding area which is India’s globally known for Onion, Garlic, groundnut (peanut) are grown in abundance. We have an opportunity to serve our clients with farm to fork; with the vision to cater to the authentic test from industries to the single customer level. Our partner's processing unit is located on the outskirt of Mahuva a town city in the state of Gujarat, India. The location plays a vital role in picking up the best quality raw materials and Bhammar Group International sources Raw materials through own and contract farming personals, We are especially proud of our significant experience in creatively meeting customer needs for unique source materials and custom manufacturing processes and is also known to be the second-largest onions growing belt in Indian. Mahuva is the second-largest producer and exporter of dried onions. It is blessed with the perfect soil and climatic conditions for the cultivation of onion.

The geographic location & climatic conditions of this Saurashtra region has made this belt famous all around the world for producing white onions. Due to the proximity of the three famous ports of Gujarat Pipavav, Mundra and Kandla, Mahuva also offers us an additional export advantage. We are only 30 km from Mahuva. Mahuva is the largest growing area for onions, garlic and vegetables in India and offers special benefits due to its proximity to the ports of Kandla, Mundra and Pipavav.

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