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Export process

Export process

 To simplify the export process

Our export work process

Quick and fast response

We will resend/respond to customers' questions within 12 hours.

Explanation and clarification

We provide our customers with our knowledge in all aspects of our products and services as accurately as possible.

Order confirmation

We follow a strict order confirmation process and all statements are clear, straightforward and transparent.

Cargo & Transportation

We only work with reliable suppliers in the transportation of goods, as transportation is the only core business of Bhammar Group International.


We offer our clients transparent communication with every update and make working with them comfortably.

Quality control

We insist on 7-step quality control and testing process from material manufacturing to packaging to provide the best possible product.


Our schedule and delivery process are very clear with the perfect documents required for destination customs clearance.


We have a team that notifies the buyer of all delivery updates and facilitates the buyer-seller process.


We check with the buyer if the materials arrive with a good offer.

Building a relationship

Our motto: "We believe network is our net worth". We consider all customers to be members of our family. We consider every client as a business developer and we have the best relationships.

  • Our work Procedure
  • Contract Signing

To start negotiations. We should receive a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the buyer after we send you the offer. If both parties agree, the buyer hands over the purchase order indicating the shipping details, description of the goods, the list of customs certification requirements of the buyer's country, the bank details of the buyer must be printed on the order. We would like to offer our export services by Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L / C) at sight and Cash in advance as payment methods only at the best prices according to your wishes.

The buyer and seller agree on the terms of delivery and payment. The sellers send the buyer an electronic(soft) copy of the Performa invoice. The buyer scans an electronic copy of the Performa invoice within 3 days, accepts it, stamps it, and returns it to the seller. If changes are needed, the seller modifies them within 3 days by the buyer and submits his changes. The seller verifies the modified version by the buyer within 3 days and agrees to sign a Performa invoice and to receive payment from the seller in the form of a Cash in advance or an irrevocable letter of credit (L / C) at sight.

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